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7 Day Candle - Come To Me in Red

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Infuse your space with the enchanting aroma of love and allure with our 7 Day Come To Me Candle in Red. This handcrafted candle is designed to attract and draw in those you long to be near, creating an atmosphere of desire and connection.

Each day, as you ignite the flame of the Come To Me Candle, imagine the energy and intention behind it, filling your surroundings with passion and longing. Anoint the candle daily with our specially formulated Come to Me Oil to amplify its magnetic properties, further enhancing the spell you wish to cast. For added potency, consider anointing the candle with other Spiritual Oils to customize and heighten its effects based on your intentions and desires.

Crafted with care, this 7 Day Candle is designed to burn for approximately 120 hours, allowing you to continuously manifest your intentions and attract the energies you seek. With dimensions of 2.5" in width and 8.2" in height, this candle serves as a powerful tool in your ritual practice and spiritual journey.

Let the flickering flame of the Come To Me Candle guide you toward deeper connections and relationships, as you harness the energy of love and desire to call forth that which your heart truly desires. Embrace the magic and potential within as you work with this candle to invite love, closeness, and intimacy into your life.

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7 Day Candle - Come To Me in Red
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