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7 Day Candle - Holy Trinity in White

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Immerse yourself in divine blessings and surround your home with the comforting presence of the Holy Trinity with the 7 Day Candle in White. This elegantly designed candle serves as a beacon of hope and guidance in times of need, inviting the hand of God to bestow peace and protection upon you and your living space.

Crafted to burn for approximately 120 hours, this candle is a long-lasting symbol of faith and spirituality. Measuring at 2.5" wide and 8.2" tall, it stands as a testament to the enduring power of prayer and belief in the Holy Trinity.

For those seeking to deepen their spiritual connection even further, this candle can be anointed with one or several Spiritual Oils. By enhancing the candle's power with these sacred oils, you can create a sanctified atmosphere that invites miracles and divine intervention into your life.

The 7 Day Candle - Holy Trinity in White features a classic color scheme of White encased in a Clear/White Glass, making it a versatile addition to any home decor. Whether you seek solace, guidance, or protection, let this candle illuminate your path with the timeless essence of faith and love. Invite the Holy Trinity into your life and experience the transformative power of divine grace and blessings.

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7 Day Candle - Holy Trinity in White
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