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7 Day Candle - Peace in White

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The 7 Day Candle - Peace in White is a powerful tool to bring tranquility and love into your home. This candle is carefully crafted to help create harmony within your living space and foster feelings of peace within your family. By burning this candle, you can work towards quieting tempers, easing tensions, and soothing frayed nerves that may be causing unrest.

To enhance the calming effects of the Peace in White candle, consider adding a few drops of Stay At Home Oil to further promote a sense of peace and serenity in your surroundings. The candle is designed for repeated use, allowing you to burn it as often as needed until you see an improvement in the atmosphere of your home.

For an added layer of spiritual power, you can anoint the candle with one or more Spiritual Oils to amplify its effectiveness in bringing about peace and harmony. This simple ritual can help you fully harness the positive energies of the candle and the oils to manifest a peaceful environment in your home.

The 7 Day Candle - Peace in White offers exceptional value, with a burn time of approximately 120 hours. Its compact size of 2.5" wide and 8.2" tall makes it easy to place in any room, ensuring that its calming influence can reach every corner of your living space. Illuminate your home with the gentle glow of this candle and invite peace and love to flourish in your surroundings.

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7 Day Candle - Peace in White
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