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7 Day Candle - St. Michael in Red

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The 7 Day Candle - St. Michael in Red is a powerful tool for invoking courage, protection, and deliverance from enemies. Light this candle as a symbol of your faith in the protection and guidance of the Glorious Archangel St. Michael.

Crafted to burn for approximately 120 hours, this candle serves as a steadfast beacon of hope during times of spiritual need. Standing at 2.5" wide and 8.2" tall, it makes a striking addition to any sacred space or altar.

Recite the prayer to St. Michael as the candle burns, calling upon his intercession in times of trouble and adversity. Let his divine presence bring you strength, security, and a shield against negative forces. Personalize your intentions during your prayers and meditations, focusing on your specific desires and needs.

For an added layer of spiritual potency, consider anointing the candle with one or several Spiritual Oils. Enhance the energy and efficacy of your ritual by incorporating these sacred oils into your practice.

Illuminate your surroundings with the symbolic light of St. Michael, inviting his protective energies into your life. May this candle serve as a beacon of faith, courage, and divine intervention as you navigate life's challenges and seek spiritual guidance. Trust in the power of St. Michael to defend and guide you on your journey. Amen.

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7 Day Candle - St. Michael in Red
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