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7 Sisters - Bend Over Oil

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7 Sisters presents the potent Bend Over Oil, a mystical concoction crafted to grant you the authority to influence others effectively. Infused with sacred ingredients and ancient enchantments, this oil has been meticulously formulated to bend the will of others towards you.

When seeking dominance or control in a situation, whether in relationships, career, or other areas of life, 7 Sisters Bend Over Oil acts as a powerful tool to tip the scales in your favor. By anointing candles with this divine elixir, you can intensify the energy required to manifest your specific intentions and desires with remarkable efficiency. Additionally, this versatile oil can be seamlessly blended with other sacred oils to create custom perfumes or anointing mixtures tailored to your unique needs.

Each bottle of 7 Sisters Bend Over Oil contains 0.5 fluid ounces (14.7mL) of pure magic, carefully prepared by the renowned brand, 7 Sisters Oils. It is a product of exceptional quality and authenticity, ensuring that you harness the full potential of its mystical properties.

However, please note that colored oils such as this one may stain clothing, so we recommend handling with care and ensuring that it is used responsibly in your spiritual practices. Unlock the power to shape the course of events in your favor with 7 Sisters Bend Over Oil – the key to commanding respect and influence in every aspect of your life.

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7 Sisters - Bend Over Oil
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