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7 Sisters of New Orleans - Sachet Powder - Just Judge

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7 Sisters of New Orleans presents the Court Case Just Judge Sachet Powder, a powerful tool to aid you in achieving a favorable outcome in legal matters. Whether you are dealing with contracts, deeds, warrants, or any other legal documents heading to court, this sachet powder is designed to be your ally.

This potent sachet powder can be rubbed on the corners of important papers, infusing them with its mystical energy. Enhance its effects by adding it to Curio Bags, amplifying the power necessary for your specific intentions. For a more comprehensive ritual, this powder can be combined with oils to anoint candles, creating a holistic approach to your legal endeavors.

Crafted by the renowned brand, 7 Sisters of New Orleans, this sachet powder comes in a convenient 1oz (28.3g) size, ensuring you have an ample supply for your ritual work. However, it is important to note that colored powders can potentially stain clothing and may cause allergic reactions on the skin, so caution is advised during use.

Unlock the potential of the Court Case Just Judge Sachet Powder and harness the mystical assistance of the 7 Sisters of New Orleans to navigate through your legal challenges with confidence and clarity. Trust in the power of this sachet powder to guide you towards a just and favorable resolution.

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7 Sisters of New Orleans - Sachet Powder - Just Judge
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