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Beauty on Chimney Cigar Torch

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The Beauty on Chimney Cigar Torch is a bold and cheeky addition to your collection, perfect for those who appreciate a touch of humor with their sophistication. Crafted from durable die-cast metal, this unique cigar torch features a striking design of a beautiful woman holding a phallic symbol. To light the torch, simply press down on her head; a playful twist on a classic cigar accessory.

Please note that the finish color of the torch may vary, adding to its individual charm. Keep in mind that the torch comes empty and will require butane for use. Remember to handle the pressurized flammable gas with care and always keep the torch out of reach of children. For safety, maintain a safe distance from faces and clothing while in use, and allow the flame to fully extinguish after each use.

To customize the flame according to your preference, use the flame adjustment wheel located near the butane port. A small screwdriver can be used to turn the wheel left for a smaller flame or right for a larger flame, though the maximum setting is not recommended for safety reasons. The refill process is straightforward; follow the instructions on your butane or pressurized gas can in a well-ventilated area.

With a focus on reducing waste, this product skips excessive packaging to be more environmentally friendly. Stand out in style and enjoy a touch of whimsy with the Beauty on Chimney Cigar Torch, but always remember to keep it away from children for their safety.

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