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Who is Goddess Kali?

Who is Goddess Kali?

Posted by Doni Rari on 10th Mar 2023

Kali (also known as Goddess Kali) is a powerful Hindu goddess who is often associated with destruction and transformation. She is a fierce and formidable deity, depicted with black or blue skin, a necklace of skulls, and a skirt made of severed arms.

In Hindu mythology, Kali is considered to be the wife of Lord Shiva and the mother of Lord Ganesha. She is often worshipped as the divine mother, the embodiment of motherly love and protection.

Kali is associated with a number of different symbols and concepts. She is often seen as a symbol of time and change, as well as of death and rebirth. She is also associated with feminine power and sexuality, and is sometimes depicted as a protector of women.

Kali is revered by many Hindus, particularly those who follow the Shakta tradition, which emphasizes the worship of the divine feminine. She is often worshipped in rituals and ceremonies, and her image can be found in temples and shrines throughout India and other parts of the world.

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