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Kali Murti in 4”

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This intricately detailed 5-inch Kali Murti in solid brass captures the fierce and divine essence of the Hindu goddess Parvati in her formidable form as Kali. The embodiment of time, destruction, and empowerment, Kali is depicted as a fearsome yet revered deity.

With her jet-black complexion and striking features, Kali stands adorned with symbolic ornaments such as a garland of human heads and weapons that represent her strength and protection against evil forces. Her foot resting on Lord Shiva signifies her supremacy and the balance of power in the cosmic order.

Goddess Kali's image exudes both ferocity and beauty, showcasing her role as the ultimate protector of her devotees. Her presence is a reminder of the cyclical nature of creation and destruction, as well as the importance of maintaining prayers and devotion to seek her blessings.

This 5-inch Kali Murti is a powerful symbol of divine motherhood and protection, reminding believers of Kali's unwavering love and guidance. Whether displayed as a sacred idol or used for worship, this brass statue serves as a tangible representation of Kali's presence and blessings in one's life.

Embrace the strength and grace of Goddess Kali with this exquisitely crafted Murti, a timeless piece that embodies the essence of devotion, protection, and divine feminine energy.

Material: Brass
Size: 5"

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