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Lakshmi Murti

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This beautifully crafted Lakshmi Murti, sculpted from solid brass, embodies the divine presence of the goddess of good fortune, Lakshmi. Available in two sizes - 4” and 5.5”, this exquisite statue is a symbol of prosperity, wealth, power, love, and abundance.

Worshipped as a principal deity in Hinduism, Lakshmi stands alongside Parvati and Saraswati as part of the revered ‘Tridevi’. Beloved in various sects such as Shaivism, Vaishnavism, and Shaktism, Lakshmi channels divine energy to support the pantheon of Hindu gods, often depicted in elegant attire seated gracefully on a lotus.

The yogic ‘padamasana’ posture that Lakshmi assumes, with both legs folded atop each other and posture upright, symbolizes a state of peace and abundance. Her four arms holding lotuses signify the pursuit of knowledge, self-realization, liberation, reality, consciousness, and karma.

In her iconic front hands, Lakshmi showcases the ‘abhaya mudra’ gesture dispelling fear and the ‘varada mudra’ gesture granting boons, radiating blessings and grace. Seated on a raised platform, Lakshmi's presentation exudes serenity and purity.

The four arms of Lakshmi symbolize the core tenets of Hinduism – dharma, artha, kama, and moksha, while devotees turn to her for guidance in matters of wealth, prosperity, and love. Crafted with intricate detail and reverence, this brass Lakshmi Murti is a timeless piece that embodies the essence of spirituality and abundance.

Material: Brass
Sizes Available: 4", 5.5"

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