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Medicine Buddha for Good Health Murti in 6”

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The Medicine Buddha for Good Health Murti in 6” is a masterpiece crafted from solid brass, radiating intricate details and immense spiritual significance. Revered for its plethora of health benefits, this stunning statue serves as a beacon of healing and well-being for those in need.

Believed to possess the power to alleviate all forms of ailments and assist individuals in overcoming adversity, the Medicine Buddha is a symbol of hope and restoration. With a jar of medicinal herbs in hand, this divine figure embodies the essence of compassion and the healing touch of enlightenment.

Also known as "Bhaiṣajyaguruvaiḍūryaprabhārāja," the Medicine Buddha reigns as the benevolent deity of health and medicine in Mahayana Buddhism. Through his teachings and gestures of generosity, he offers solace to the suffering and remedies to the afflicted, earning the title of the Buddha of Healing.

Seated in a posture of grace, the Medicine Buddha exudes tranquility and grace, with his right hand raised in a gesture of bestowing blessings and his left hand cradling a vessel of healing elixir. This iconic representation embodies the essence of spiritual rejuvenation and physical well-being, making it a precious addition to any sacred space.

Incorporating the Twelve Great Vows upon attaining Enlightenment, the Medicine Buddha pledges to illuminate realms, heal physical and mental afflictions, and guide beings towards awakening. By embracing this sacred murti, one invites the essence of these vows into their surroundings, fostering a harmonious environment conducive to health, meditation, and spiritual growth.

Embrace the essence of healing and compassion with the Medicine Buddha for Good Health Murti in 6”, a timeless treasure that embodies the divine virtues of wellness and serenity. Elevate your space with the presence of this revered deity, and let the essence of healing and enlightenment permeate your surroundings.

Material: Brass
Size: 6"

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