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NovaFuse USB Diffuser in Black

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The Plant Therapy NovaFuse USB Diffuser in Black brings the power of aromatherapy to your fingertips with its innovative ultrasonic technology. This sleek and stylish diffuser gently disperses Plant Therapy essential oils into the air, maintaining their natural therapeutic benefits without the use of heat or harsh chemicals.

Equipped with 5 soothing LED lights and customizable timer settings, the NovaFuse USB Diffuser creates a serene ambiance in any space. Whether you are at home, in the office, or on the go, simply plug the diffuser into any USB power source and immerse yourself in the calming aroma experience.

For your convenience, a USB adapter is included with the NovaFuse USB Diffuser, making it easy to set up and start diffusing your favorite essential oils. Be sure to check inside the water reservoir for the power cord, ensuring a safe and secure shipping experience.

Setting up your NovaFuse is a breeze. Just add water up to the maximum level indicator, drop in your preferred essential oils, and select your desired misting and lighting options with the user-friendly buttons. Choose from continuous or intermittent misting modes, and cycle through the soft LED light colors to create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Experience the benefits of aromatherapy anytime, anywhere with the Plant Therapy NovaFuse USB Diffuser in Black. Elevate your well-being and transform your surroundings with this versatile and stylish essential oil diffuser.

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