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Krishna and Radha Murti in 6”

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Crafted with intricate detail, this exquisite 6-inch Krishna and Radha Murti exudes a sense of divine grace and spiritual significance. Made from solid brass, this stunning statue captures the essence of two beloved Hindu deities in a timeless artistic form.

Krishna, revered as one of the most beloved gods in Hindu mythology, holds a special place in the hearts of millions of worshippers around the world. With his enchanting flute, Krishna symbolizes love, joy, and divinity, embodying the essence of devotion and worship.

In traditional Hindu households, Krishna is not just a deity confined to temple rituals but a beloved presence in personal altars where devotees adorn his statue with offerings of food and prayers as per Vedic traditions. The depiction of Krishna playing his flute, known as 'Venu-Vadaka Krishna', symbolizes his captivating charm and eternal bliss.

Accompanying Krishna in this Murti is Radha Ji, the epitome of love and devotion. Radha's graceful presence alongside Krishna represents their eternal bond and divine union. Together, they symbolize the supreme love and companionship that devotees aspire to achieve in their spiritual journey.

Furthermore, this exquisite Murti also captures Krishna in his playful and mischievous form, engaging in beloved pastimes such as butter thievery that endear him to both young and old alike. Each detail of this brass statue beautifully encapsulates the essence of Krishna and Radha's divine love and eternal bond.

Bring home this 6-inch Krishna and Radha Murti crafted from brass to infuse your sacred space with the divine presence of these revered deities. Let their eternal love and devotion inspire you on your spiritual path.

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