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Swagat Incense in Sandalwood 25g

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Experience the divine aroma of Swagat Sandalwood Incense, a blissful creation made with the finest natural perfume oils, sandalwood, and wood powders. Hand-rolled with care over thin bamboo sticks, each stick of this incense holds the essence of traditional Indian fragrances.

Presented in a charming Handmade Paper Pouch, Swagat Sandalwood Incense brings a touch of elegance to your daily rituals. Perfect for use in temples, homes, or workplaces, these natural incense sticks help in setting a serene and sacred ambiance anywhere they are lit.

With each pack containing 25 sticks, you can enjoy approximately 30 minutes of gentle, fragrant bliss per stick. Let the subtle notes of sandalwood and other natural elements fill your surroundings with tranquility and peace.

Crafted in India, the land renowned for its rich cultural heritage and aromatic traditions, Swagat Sandalwood Incense embodies the essence of purity and spirituality. Elevate your sensory experience and invite a touch of the divine into your daily life with these exquisite incense sticks.

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Swagat Incense in Sandalwood 25g at Doni Rari
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