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Trip Clear 1.25” Rolling Paper

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Trip Clear 1.25" Rolling Paper offers a truly unique smoking experience for cannabis enthusiasts. Made with the original clear papers from Brazil, Trip rolling papers are renowned for their exceptional quality and transparency. The Trip2 papers take it a step further by being even clearer and thinner than the original Trip Rolling Papers, resulting in a smoother burn that is less harsh compared to other clear papers on the market.

What sets Trip Clear papers apart is their 100% natural and tree-free composition, making them an eco-friendly choice for those who value sustainability. With no need for gum, these clear cellulose rolling papers are hassle-free to use – simply roll, lick to seal, and indulge in your favorite herb.

Each pack contains 50 transparent leaves, allowing you to enjoy multiple smoking sessions without interruptions. The papers are naturally clear, biodegradable, and meticulously crafted from slow-burning Asiatic cotton mallow. Available in two sizes – 1 1/4" or King Size Slim, Trip Clear Rolling Papers cater to varying preferences for joint sizes.

Embrace the essence of simplicity and purity with Trip Clear 1.25" Rolling Papers, the preferred choice for discerning smokers who appreciate a top-tier smoking experience. Dive into the world of transparent papers and elevate your smoking rituals with Trip.

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Trip Clear 1.25” Rolling Paper
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