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Valentine Massage Candle Trio

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Indulge in the ultimate relaxation and sensual experience with the Valentine Massage Candle Trio from Earthly Body. This luxurious set combines three captivatingly scented 3-In-1 Massage Candles designed for the most romantic day of the year. Perfect for igniting passion and intimacy, these candles are a perfect gift for your favorite massage partner.

Crafted with high-quality, natural ingredients, these Hemp Seed candles not only create a calming ambiance but also double as a silky smooth massage oil and moisturizer. Pamper your senses with the delectable fragrances and nourishing properties that help melt away stress and tension, leaving your mind and body free to focus on love and connection.

Each candle in this sensual kit features a unique and enticing scent profile. Spin the Bottle captures the aroma of freshly baked wild berry cupcakes, while Truth or Dare tantalizes with warm cherry pie notes. Seven Minutes In Heaven exudes a seductive vanilla cookie fragrance that will linger in the air long after use.

To enjoy, simply light up a candle and let the wax melt into a luxurious oil. Extinguish the flame and drizzle the warm oil over the body, massaging it in for a truly pleasurable experience. Made with skin-loving ingredients like soybean, coconut, and hemp seed oils, as well as Vitamin E, these candles are gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

With a burn time of several hours, you can savor the relaxing benefits of these candles for as long as you desire. The unused oil will solidify once cooled, allowing you to enjoy its moisturizing properties in between massages.

Treat yourself and your loved one to the Valentine Massage Candle Trio and elevate your intimate moments with the power of touch and scent. This set contains 1 x Seven Minutes in Heaven, 1 x Spin the Bottle, and 1 x Truth or Dare candles, each containing 2 oz (57g) of luxurious oil.

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