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Woolzies Clary Sage Essential Oil in 1oz/30mL

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Woolzies Clary Sage Essential Oil offers a delightful sensory experience with its floral, fruity, and herbal aroma. This 1oz/30mL bottle is a natural choice for promoting relaxation and soothing the mind, body, and spirit.

Extracted from the Salvia sclarea plant through steam distillation, Woolzies ensures that only the purest form of Clary Sage oil is bottled. This process captures the essence of the Mediterranean, North Africa, and central Asia regions where the herb is cultivated.

Experience the calming effects of Clary Sage oil by incorporating it into your daily routine. Diffuse a few drops in a diffuser to create a tranquil atmosphere. For topical application, dilute with a carrier oil and massage onto skin or sore muscles for relief.

Enhance your bathing experience by adding Clary Sage oil to a relaxing bath blend alongside Epsom salts and other essential oils. Transform your home with a DIY room and linen spray that uplifts the ambiance with its delightful scent.

At Shop Doni Rari, you can trust that you are receiving authentic Woolzies products that are free from toxic additives like parabens and artificial fragrances. Pair Clary Sage oil with other essential oils like sandalwood, lavender, or bergamot to create custom blends for different purposes.

Experience the benefits of Woolzies Clary Sage Essential Oil and let its natural soothing properties elevate your well-being.

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Woolzies Clary Sage Essential Oil in 1oz/30mL at Doni Rari
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